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10 Minute Men Abs Workout Video | Abs Exercises for Men [No Equipment]

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You don’t need any equipment to do this 10 minute abs workout.  Simple Abs exercises you can do at home.

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Wassana Satenvit says:


Muath Seyam says:

Is this better or

vols says:

Слабая выносливость.. ☹️

? ? says:

Good work men

Navjyot Parab says:

Itch one excise how many ripetetion

KazumiLivesForever says:

Sarap nya talaga

Ubeydullah Ubeyd says:

thank you I'm supported you downloaded your videos now I hope get it your body perfect 😍👏👏👏✌

jeff ricks says:

cool workout i will try these ….i do 12's too… 50 and been crunching for 27yrs…..keep it going alex have a great day

AJ Universe says:

Do you alternate between this and weighted ab work out?

drskizo says:

Beautiful body but just a commercial for "men's fitness" and not his real training. This guy needs to read the magazine to remember what exercises he needs to do for the camera.
I'd rather see the real workout he made to have this body. (please note i'm french and sorry if my english is not perfect)

Sohan Kusmiya says:

Good excise

BryGM_ says:

El es mi papá

Đỗ Quốc Tài says:

Tks guy

Rafael rjbf says:

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, I saw your video and it gave me a lot of motivation to continue, I'm a beginner. send me a link about pushups. hug

Franco Sias says:


warriors says:

hello i can doing 10 Minute Abs Workout! every day if i can or is not good to prove abs


Hot. But it lacks gay sex.

Shatrunjay Mall says:

This was an excellent workout! Ideal for an evening when I wanted to workout but couldn't get myself to the gym. Thank you for creating and sharing this video!

Babou Hatab says:

This book will be very important for me

jagan p says:

Give video for reduces stomach by using one dumbbell
👍Please reply

Nicolly Farao says:

Where from this different acent?

J R says:

What is the background music 😊😊

Ravindra Kumar says:

realy work at abs

Ravindra Kumar says:

i am from india

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