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4 Intense Leg Exercises FOR MEN! (QUAD and CALVES WORKOUTS)

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4 Intense Leg Exercises for Men.  Killer Workout Routines to build bigger legs (Quads and Calves)  utilizing high volume giant sets.

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Vince Del Monte says:

You guys enjoying the Living Large workout videos?! Claim your copy of the full program yet? We’ve blown out almost 2000 copies so be sure to grab yours before they run out again:

ceejlol says:

you are fucking retarded that is not a barbell lunge lol

Michael Le'Fleur says:

Are we working our humerus bone on these again? 😂

Stay Woke says:

Where are the leg extensions?

Kieran V says:

Doing this workout tonight, with some modifications my gym doesn't have 1 or 2 machines.. Good workout!

resh kevin says:

Another legendary workout 💪

Sumit Baishnab says:

Where can I access The digital meal recipe book?

reg profant says:

Bruce Lee never had big legs but they weren't for posing but very fictional . I think I want what he had instead of posing muscles

chris G says:

nice video vince. Kinda reminds me of this article i read, about how to train legs using calisthenics's

Dany Darapheth says:

How many sets each?

Narayanan Ramesh says:

if its a free book, then y do i have to pay shipping fee ? ever heard of pdf or e-books vince ?

Robert Wadlow says:

Bulgarian split squats are an excellent exercise

Daryl McAllister says:

What can I use if my gym doesn't ,have a hack rack and a standing calf raise machine?

The Jeffrey 27 says:

I think ur supposed to use ur back leg during the reverse lunge, which is btw, meant for glutes and hamstrings

RockSolid 23 says:

And again, amazing video from you, sir. Very informative as always. I wish you were my trainer.

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