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6 Easy Workout Routines for Beginners to Help Lose Belly Fat

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This Fitness Video shows 6 Easy Simple Workout Routines for Beginners that will help Lose Belly Fat.  Key to Any Fitness Routine is consistency.  So go ahead and begin using these Fitness Workouts and see your belly get flatter over time.

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Imsha 8798 says:

Im a beginner i just started and doing the bicycle crunches makes my neck hurt . Does that usually happen or am i doing it wrong?

Sadiq Irfan says:

Oh this was helpful and i was 82 kgs before and now i m 0 kgs

Sne ha says:

3:31 who edited that?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

teena Sharma says:

Please also make a video on diet in school life

teena Sharma says:

I will do this for a better body

Ashish Bansod says:

I personally feel that pushups are the best excercise for all body parts like chest ,aibs, triceps, latis & for neck


Nice..but how many time have to repeat each exercise….?

Shan Raj says:


Teach all time says:

Good video …..

abbas arain says:

Nice exceris

Alauddin Ahmed says:

is this for both man and women? or just women?

Mercenary Mike says:

You have to start somewhere, and think baby steps.  You will get there, a six pack abs don't come in a bottle.


Nice workouts thank you

shanmukhavarma uppalapati says:

Really this is a help full vedio
Tnq guys @waysandhow
Plz upload more vedios to aquire more knowledge

Lexi Luther says:

Okay, I have many questions 😂. So I weigh around 155 and I’m 15, also a girl. I’m wondering how many of each of these I need to do?? And for how long?? Plank is 30 sec, I got that, I’m referring how many crunches, etc. (I also go to the weight room in PE 2 times a week as well.) Or should I just try and do smaller amounts and work my way up?

Ram venturi says:

Nice workout tricks

Hasan Shaikh says:

please make vedios on how to stop height

Hasan Shaikh says:

this is for men also

Gekkō - San says:

I just saw my 6 year old cousin watching this o.O

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