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Beginner Workout Exercises For Men Over 40

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A safe and easy workout for men over 40 who are just getting started….

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Before starting any exercise program, of course, make sure you’re being safe and make sure you consult your physician beforehand.

Workout Breakdown:
5:56 – Deadlift Demonstration: Walk to the bar. Stand with your mid-foot under the bar. Don’t touch it with your shins yet. Bend over and grab the bar with your hands directly outside of your legs. Legs should be about shoulder/hip width apart. Bend your knees. Keep going until your shins touch the bar and your butt comes down. Lift your chest. Straighten your back, and Pull straight up, pushing your heels and midfoot into the ground. You should end up standing completely straight with chest up, shoulders back, and legs straight.

10:49 – Squat Push Press Demonstration: Using a shorter bar, we’re going to pick it up and put it in a position where it’s basically resting on our chest, but also your hands underneath it will support it. With Legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart, you will start the movement. From here, you’re just going to drop your butt straight down, pushing your knees to the outside of your body (never let them dip inward) and once you reach the bottom of the squat (your hips should end up below your knees but this may not work for some people, so you don’t have to go that low), powerfully push yourself back to standing while also pressing the barbell above your head. Make sure to always keep good posture during this movement, keeping your abs tight and your chest up. From the top of the position, just slowly lower the barbell back down and go into your next repetition, squatting down again.

12:50 – Joe’s attempt, additional coaching. Make sure to keep your weight in your heels and the middle of the foot rather than the toes. This movement is great because we’re working just about every muscle in the body, from the legs, arms, shoulders, and core for stabilization.

15:07 – Second Set/attempts.

17:40 – Lunge-Curl Demonstration: Stand holding a light dumbbell in each hand and step forward into a lunge with your left leg (lower your body until your right knee nearly touches the floor). At the bottom of the lunge, curl those dumbbells up, and lower them as you push yourself back to the starting position. Make sure that as you lunge, your bent knee stays behind the toe (of the leg that you are stepping forward with).

20:17 – Joe’s Demonstration of the Lunge-Curl.

I want to note that Joe wasn’t using any crazy heavy weights. Let’s remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and the first thing we need to do is make sure we’re getting the movement correct first – then we can increase the weight and continue working on the strength.

You absolutely need to take things slowly and avoid getting hurt, because getting injured by having a big ego is just going to set you back further in approaching your goals.

And to all the guys out there – We’re here anytime you need us. All you’ve gotta do is subscribe and follow along… You can also change your body the way Joe is going to.

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out this workout, and until next time…. This is Abs After 40, I’m Clark and this is Joe!

Have a great day!

Clark B


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fishmut says:

So what has pulling your belly button in got to do with building muscle and burning fat , explain please .

Abel Garcia says:

I think the guy was a little bit in denial that he only needed to lose 20 lbs. I have nowhere near that belly and I need to lose 50-60 lbs.

Jim Boston says:


Sok Savuth says:

Hi! I have follow with this videos for a year, I wonder how progress of your trainee? can you please reveal his body. because I have the same body as he has.

The Jersey J says:

20 lbs. ? Hah !!!

davisx2002 says:


69LDW says:

Hows the guy doing since its over a year since this video was uploaded

fufv fufvv says:

Nice. It's batman.

Alistair Gene Yap says:

Just found via random YouTube search. and this looks awesome, Clark! I'm 42, sedentary lifestyle since I learned to work in front of a computer but I want to change pretty much my life, my health. Can I go ahead and start with these three exercises, how many reps and sets, how long do I stick with this until I need to add more exercises? Thanks in advance.

Donman 1 says:

Aaaaaawesome !!
Starting from basics, well appreciated sir

Bigballer The Bigballer says:

i really wish i could do this i am so over weight my knees are hurting watching this!!

kamel hatem says:

Thanks guys!!!!!

1lkydad 75 says:

What can u do if no access to a bar? Minimal free weights?
I am very self conscious of the belly I have been getting with bad habits.
43 yo as of today…time for a change.
Struggle with type of diet and if cardio is more important than weight training at beginner level

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