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Beginner Workout for Men At Home [15 Minute] [No Weights]

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A Beginner Workout for Men Video that will improve your Cardio.  Excellent Home Men Workout Routine in only 15 min and all without any weights.  Follow along and Get Started with these simple exercises and start that weight loss program.

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The Healthy Gamer says:

I'm on an epic trip biking from Mexico to Canada and then hiking back 3,000 miles on the CDT. Follow the v blogs here:

Rico Seale says:

damnn this was one hell of a work out and i thought it looks so simple and easy , i got thru the first 10 mins and had to stop but im definitely gonna keep at this till i becomes easy

Adam Ismailov says:

Thank you man, you made my day! Ya very amazing, Gracie’s

RedBoxDanceCompany says:

Yo! Thanx for the ass kicking! Whooooo! I'm out of breath as well.

straight face says:

I was out of breath watching this 😂

Adam says:

Done this for the past 5 days now, my body hurts all over

imy says:

Just started today, just finished my first 15 mins, I’m 16, 5,9” and weigh 52.6 Kg I will update this every week if I remember 😂😂

Mike Toenies says:

Hey brother – great workout and motivation! I am in the Navy and that "unknown" exercise is called figure skaters as you stated in the beginning. Secondly – whats with all the supplements?

Wayne Payne98 says:

Man this was great I couldn't do all the pushups but i did everything else and feel really good! Gonna combine this with cold showers and running

TheBloodyBandit says:

starts 0:54

There Is No Sandwich says:

Started this exercise two days ago, I'm going to start with every second day, 180 pounds hoping to get to 150 so this is a great start thanks man! I'll give everyone a weekly update on how it goes and yes, I will actually post updates lol

Valentin Htn says:

waw at first look looks easy but when you try it's pretty intense

James B says:

Brilliant thanks mate

G. Xhaka says:

Hello. I shall be attempting to do this workout every other day for the next 6 months in order to gain some muscle. Just started yesterday and im already feeling the soreness! depending on how im going i might step it up to everyday later on, or add in another exercise instead. should be interesting.

Brassfield Zendejas says:

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Costin Tuculescu says:

Great workout man!

Ефим Терещенко says:

Why does it say "Workout for Men"? can't women do it?

dennis thangzm says:

It helps me alot

dennis thangzm says:

I helps me alot

Kwameduah says:

free advanced fitness vids on my utube make sure you have a look.

Nick says:

Ive lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks doing this every other day and changing up my diet to make sure I’m in a calorie deficit.

Geek Next Door says:

Really good video and the change can be noticed very soon. However, I need some help. It started out pretty decently for me, but it's like it started to get prpgressively worse. First I began to feel back pain whenever I do crunches. I feel nothing in my abs, just back pain. Also, I usually don't have any problems with push-ups, but recently the elbow-hand part of my right arm started to hurt when I do them. Any help about this?

Raniel Tolentino says:

hi heealthy gamer. will this also hlp burn belly fat and buttocks fat including thigh?

Max Zhukov says:

Lol this was so easy, i did break a good sweat tho not gonna lie.

RDavinen says:

Thanks so much, i really feel it lmao

Kermit The Frog says:

Im doing it plus 5 pound weights

Campion Pry says:

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Diederich Abels says:

just got instructions from Unflexal and I'm ready for the my training 😀

Creek Tilghman says:

Just go to Unflexal webpage if you'd like to learn how to workouts correctly.

Motaz Al-Hasan says:

Nice workout!

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