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Best Exercise Workout Routine for People Over 60 | Fitness for Seniors

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A Exercise Workout Routine for Over 60.  Also a Great Video for Beginner Fitness Workouts too.  Just get started….

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Hashim aarrh says:

Hello sir can u tell me what is correct intensity for people over 40,50,60s to reactive declining hormones?

Dorothy Read says:

What if you have bad knees

John Stoneman says:

Great video!

pgreen6840 says:

I have a weak lower back- doctor advised strengthening my core muscles . PLEASE ADVISE. I am obese and twice had pinched sciatic nerve compressed by lower lumbar joint-. I had to stop all exercise including bicycle riding, trampoline and cardio on treadmill for last 2 yrs plus to let it heal. :(. Thanks

Meenu Khatwani says:

I have inguinal hernia which is generally caused by loss of strength of oblique muscles and pelvic floor muscles.I do not have pain or discomfort of any kind.Can I perform all exercises shown in this video? I am 62 years old. I don't have any other problem which usually hampers quality of life in old age.

RANDY Henning says:

People over 60 they don't want to go to the gym and they don't have all those exercise machines you are wasting your time

Phillip Lyngdoh says:

This is one super video! Thank you for sharing.

Gloria Hester says:

Thank You 🏋

60+Fit says:

Im 61 and found the easiest work out is YOGA!..I lost 55 lbs took a year and half doing yoga every day..10-60 minutes per day!

Randy Morgan says:

I’m 64, how many days a week should I be working out?

David Hudson says:

He talks sense but never hurt yourself! Don’t be a hero/matcha twit. Remember if you hurt yourself you will put your progress back weeks or even months – it’s just not sensible.

John Anderson says:

I’m wondering if this sequence could be done in the home with little equipment?

Noorjehan Ajanee says:

What about cardio exercises?I am 72 ,can I do the elliptical and stationery cycling

david sanders says:

We old folks must be very very careful. Ten years ago I was working with personal trainer and he pushed me too much with heavy weights and I ended up with a torn rotator cuff. I was operated for it and recovered maybe 50% of my strength on my right shoulder. Be very careful. No pain no gain is bullshit!

Roger didit says:

Coffee… Oatmeal… Fruit… Workout… Nap….

Manuel Ortega says:

Thx . I’m 67and I wanted something for myself not too stressful .

Nessan Thambiah says:

What about excercise for people with cardiac problems

bthvnyt says:

All you really need is two exercises….squat and standing press. Those two work your whole body. Besides the squat is really just the best exercise by a long shot. Keep the weight and easy. Remember that weights can tax your body severely even light ones. Strive to work your lungs and blood circulation. Do one set 12 reps squats and then one set of 6 reps press….keep alternating like that for about 10 mins. No rest. Keep it easy. But that'll get you in shape fast. 2X wk is enough.

rae0521 says:

I'm certain this exercise routine would work miracles for anyone's fitness level. However, and unfortunately, you have to actually DO the exercises for them to work. And that's my problem.
I have NEVER in all my 80 years found a way to even tolerate, let alone enjoy exercise for exercise' sake. It BORES ME TO DEATH… and it doesn't matter if I'm doing it to music, watching video, or anything else. Just word "repetition" nauseates me.
The ONLY exercise I will submit myself to is one that I don't realize is exercise – doing something, usually outdoors, that requires me to move in ways that exercises muscles. Hiking with sticks works for me.

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