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Build Leg Workouts for SKINNY Legs | How To BUILD Leg Muscles

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This Men fitness video shows  you a leg workout routine for skinny legs.  Following these basic leg exercises will build your leg muscles quickly

So if you are looking to turn your skinny legs to muscle then start including these leg exercises in your leg workout routine now. Thanks to Ryan John Baptiste for doing this video.

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M Arafath says:

bro do you know any food in particular that helps legs get big besides excercise

Asandé Mhlongo says:

I don't have skinny legs but I just started working out and I noticed that my upper body muscles respond faster to workouts and I'm worried that my leg size will get left in the wayside. Maybe that's why a lotta buff dudes skip leg day, it takes a lotta effort and patience before you see any tangible results as compared to upper body muscles, where one can start seeing some changes as early as after 2 days at the gym!


Congrats on 100k big moves champ!

•kenna• -.- says:

skinny legends wya

Paolo Prato says:

Appreciate the fact you are teaching people to do legs, and how, but if you talk about ROM, you have to improve your won. Furthermore don't lock out your knees on your leg press, you can seriously snap your shit. For the rest all good, but what about calves?

Amie Jobarteh says:

You’re so good looking wow

Mike Garcia says:

don't Lock your knees

Meadow Bonora says:

Who else came here bc ur flat

pittsburgh199 says:

You legs are 🔥


Exotic f*+k man sucking sound

asswerta MID says:

U come here cuz u have skinny leg ahhaha

S Kennedy says:

More gym time, less talk. And loose the word GUYS……..

Papo Pagan says:

Hate leg day. I wear long pants.

MeatLoaf MondayZ WOrd ! says:

Thanks , How many times a week should you work out Legs ??

Humble man says:

Do you need protein to build leg?

m t g says:

Do u have before photos? Because of genetics, my legs could never get to your size. Also, I have a long femur bone, so i learned I'm not suited for back squats to where I can target my quads the way others can. I only got results in my hips and gluts. I've started zercher squats though, and I have seen some results.

Silent says:

This shit funny as hell but it’s real I finally got my legs to start growing.. nice vid bro!!


Great video man!! Subscribed!! 🚒💪🏼

FreddyPerez says:

Great video bro, I’ve been working out for a good 2 years now. It’s always good to see how others train which is great when you’re tired of doing your same routine.

Loui says:

Ive been training for 2 years now… i havent trained legs like first 5 months…but now im squatting from 80kg to maximum was 3reps of 200kg and i usually squat 150..but i see little result my legs started to shape and got some muscle but legs arent that huge not even trying to balance my protein carbs and overall calories..this legs are driving me crazy…like a month ago i started hitting my legs twice a week and added more reps but lowered the weight…now my training looks like this: barbell squat 80kg 12 reps 100kg 10 reps 140kg 6 reps 170 4 reps and again 80kg 12 reps … dumbbel lunges 2 sets of 60kg 2 sets of 45kg ..curls 4 sets…leg extension 3 sets…but i really cant get that that cuz im ectomorph…now i look like mesomorph but daammitt my legs are still look like ecto…im starting to give up..should i just need fat more fat on my legs? Its like my legs have no do u guys get fat on your legs

O K says:

Workout is not the problm . Supplement are its expensive for me in my country i squat 140 kg and i weight 70 kg and i still hve big legs its a matter of supplements

Timothy Magnusson says:

U don't need so many exercises for quads! It's to mutch man! And a better exercise for hamstrings that also involve the glutes is the romanian deadlift. Legcurls for hamstrings are actually bad for the lower back if you train havy as you should.

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