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Chest Workout For Beginner | Chest Exercise to Build MASS!

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Are You a beginner? Follow along to this awesome chest workout workout for mass?

Get that Big Chest with these 4 Chest Exercises for Mass

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Thanks to Vince Delmonte….

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Immortal Kdude says:

That shirtless dude 😍

oussama elbaz says:

2:47 you can actually see some oatmeal walking on its legs in the background.

Craigx71 says:

Why dont men these days have body hair? Too much oestrogen from soya and dairy in suppliments? Cool training tips though.

jeff the dad says:

It works. Rotate with a heavy day and your golden.

Karsten asmussen says:

Fantastic vidio. Im gonna try it rihgt away 💪✊

brandon fowler says:

Macaulay Culkin out here putting serious work in the gym……way to go buddy!

Kyle Croft says:

Awesome thank you!

Gnome 3D says:

Thanks Bradley Cooper

Steve Quinonez says:

That trainer looks like he just started working out and talks all serious like he's doing some damage. Hahaha… funny

Riley Carter says:

I wonder what Everydamndayfitness would say about this.

Quaker Oats Guy says:

I feel like the host only wants to be a host for the wrong reasons

WillJay8130 says:

I had to take breaks in between these 15 reps. I was using 15s.

Shaista Nasir says:

Can we use any ball?

Gaurav Varshney says:

Thanks alot sir. Keep uploading videos like this. Don't listen to haters. 🤗

Kategaya Elijah says:

I need to know how i can create an inner chest line

Ben de Ruiter says:

Thanks for the video, great content!
But what about the triceps after a workout like this, do you still do them or do you suggest to do your triceps on another day? ( same with back and biceps )
fyi, I train 4/5 times a week.
3 upper body
1 or 2 leg days

chadi abdulswabul says:

I what to ask you something . Why one of my hand is bigger than another one

Jethro Aquino says:

I aprreciate this vid. With the tempo that you're using every rep, It is really going to enhance the mind to muscle connection, which is the thing that I'm struggling right now.

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