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Chest Workout Routine| Full Chest Workout In Gym | Build Up a Flat Chest

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Good Workout Routine to build up a flat chest.  Use it a few times each week to build muscle….

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Εκτωρ RAZ says:

No hate but you have bad form in all your ecxersises

Hardus Helm says:

I also feel weak and feel kind of hung over after morning workouts so I like to go around 11am, about 3 hours after a good breakfast!

Classical Gaming says:

Jose they’re called dumbbell pullovers

dan warren says:

4:39 you sure you should be holding the weight like that

GVOLVE says:

Your Gym's playlist is sick

Israel Williams says:

6:25 you have Stage 3 Lymphatic cancer, look it up on google

Chad Shurtleff says:

Laying dumbbell pullover, is the name of the exercise you didn't know the name to

Jericho Ln says:

Sexy 👌🏽

Muhammed Hossam says:

Hose is the type of zuniga who finish the barbell exercise in 5 Sec 😂

hassan khan says:

no good way of showing.

Andrew Gunderson says:

Eat a slight meal before you go bro, whether it’s some eggs, yogurt, oatmeal you need something or you’re just burning extra calories that you don’t have. Drink tons of water before and during, and then pig reload on carbs and protein after 👍

Jay says:

For the incline dumbell u want to go down fully to get the full stretch . Smh

Lander says:

Why am I watching a chest workout from a guy with no chest lol

Jake da Snake says:

I have the same headache problem… what works for me is eating anything really a half hour or so before I start to lift. I for one can't do any physical activity what so ever on an empty stomache

KinG lBlade says:

lol i didnt expect you to bench 225

Ben Hosseini says:

Strength Gains = Size Gains.
Increase your compound lifts and train with more frequency. To increase strength on bench press per say, add a 2.5 every week until you cant do it anymore and then stay at that weight until it gets easy, then add a 2.5 again. Over time that adds up. My bench press went from a 205 x 5 to about 260 x 4 in about 7 months. Another key to increase strength gains much faster is Reverse Pyramid Training. Basically you do some warm up sets, and hit your heaviest set first so that you’re still fresh. and then you do drop sets and add more reps. (ex: warmup: 135 x 8 reps, 185 x 3, 225 x 2, working set: 265 x 3-5 reps, then 245 x 6-8 reps, then 225 x 8-10 reps.) One last thing would be eating in a slight surplus (200-300 calories over maintenance) This will insure muscle gain and minimal fat gain, (there will be some fat gain, but it will be aqquired at a slower pace) If you see this comment I hope it helped you.

Patrick McKenna says:

If your not sure why your better at incline barbell press than bench press, it’s probably because there isn’t a 45 lb bar…

Ezequiel Guerrero says:

Can you do a how to work out for beginners and what to work out the next day. If your arms are sore. please and thank you

J T says:

The overhead db workout is called skull crushers

Joseph Ng says:

Hey Juan, quick tip as someone studying to be an MD.  I know you use a soft brush to do microdermabrasion — it won't be as effective as a diamond-tip microdermabrasion tip.  Go on and buy a diamond tip — you DON'T need the suction machine — just the tip is fine; be sure to take out fine lines (epidermis), before it invades the dermis and becomes permanent wrinkles.  Do this to your forehead.  You have helped me out with my style bro.  Thought this may help you too! Blessings


Don’t go on empty stomach, eat some oatmeal that should help out

Luk as says:

is that good for hardgainers?

Algerian Adoomy says:

2:49 push ups are the best exercice for growing chest

zavior hunt says:

The only thing I love is the Avril song here's to never growing up

Abraham says:

Pullover is for lats bro

Milford Cubicle says:

you're rolling your shoulders when you bench which could lead to injury. your ROM for incline is too small. Lower the weight and bring it down a bit further and tuck in arms in a bit more.

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