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Fitness Video – “Six Exercises For Men Over 50”

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Exercises for men over 50 – Hey! So if you’re a man over 50 then you’re going to want to watch this entire video. Because not only will you learn the best exercises for men over 50… you’ll also get some tips on how men over 50 lose belly fat and get ripped. So let’s jump right into it, man.

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You want to perform these best exercises over 50 with progression.

Okay so let’s jump into some of these exercises for men over 50.

Squats is a great exercise to add to any men’s over 50 workout routine. The reason why is it gives you a nice boost in your male hormones. And at the same time works a lot of muscles in your body. It’s also a great exercises for weight loss for men over 50 because it’s one of those movements that also boosts your metabolism while helping you put on lean muscle mass.

Another exercise would be a pressing movement for fitness over 50 men.

A pressing movement will help you build your chest, triceps and shoulders. I recommend using dumbbells to start as one of the best exercises for over 50 male. Shoulder presses and dumbbells bench presses are great exercises for men over 50 when performed correctly.

And of course you can’t have a complete list of best exercises over 50 which is a plank variation.

However, as an older man getting back into working out this is one of the best exercises for men over 50 to begin building up their core. Men over 50 get ripped abs with a plank movement like the ones described in this video. Another great exercise in any men over 50 lose belly fat routine is the farmer’s walk. This is a great exercise for your core, legs, grip strength, traps, and shoulders. Not a lot of guys think of the farmer’s walk as a men over 50 workout, however you’ll love the many benefits when you add this one move to your workout for men over 50.

And the final exercise I’ll throw in here for exercises for men over 50 is the dumbbell deadlift.

Please watch some of our other videos that show you how to do the deadlift correctly so you can confidently add the dumbbell deadlift to this workout for men over 50. Alright, there you have it man, the best exercises for men over 50.

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Live Anabolic says:

Hey man,

So if you're 50+ or approaching your fifties— today's video is for you.

Check out the top 6 exercises for men 50+… with a few extra tips to overcome age and get the body you want and deserve!

Check it out and comment below!

SpaceBanana69 says:

Ur right I'm 57 joints are bad , using bowflex revolution ( bands ) but I hit heavy free wieght occasionally Lots of recovery time

James Gordon says:

Hell all you did is ran your mouth and nothing else, sorry I'm 58, 6'2 ,225 I workout with a 20 pound weight vest 3 days a week just walking up a great hill and I work with weights also and I do push ups 3 days up to 300 .

S. Hardy says:

I dropped out when you bashed the ketogenic (very low carb) diet. It literally saved my life. And once adapted, you are actually stronger than when “carbing”. It also reduced precisely that inflammation you mentioned (…). I invite you to do your homework on any subject before dismissing it.

Robert Brown says:

WHY did you not mention TRT?..Im 59 and went back to the gym 18 months ago.I changed my good diet to a super clean diet.BUT 2 months in I hit a wall.Thru bloodwork I found out my free Test was in the bucket!!!.I feel,look better in many ways.Without TRT I could not continue.Looking forward to tshirt time Summer..great vid💪😎

TV says:

So, what are 6 Best exercises???

250txc says:

He is totally correct saying it is not too late to start or return to exercising because the body will recover from almost any thing that has caused harm to the body.. Plus will adapt to anything that helps or hurts it… And yes, start in moderation to avoid injury…. Injuries when you are older, just take much longer to heal and usually the fix is to do little or nothing to the injured area… Yes, you are not gonna return to the same state as you were at 20 yr….

His nutrition ideas are ok… Just to add to what he says, CARBs are essential to life, our bodies burn almost only burn CARBS as fuel but stay away from too much sugar(CARBS) and ESP the processed sugar (CARBs)… Get CARBS from natural sources and stay away from the processed sugars (CARBs) that are in 99% of all foods we eat today… When CARBS are processed by factories, it strips away some of their natural things and then they give off unhealthy side-effects.. CARBS from natural souces are much much better for the human body…Read up on insulin and you'll understand much more on the sugars we eat…

Get the protein, such as meats and fats…Both are OK but again, your body needs protein and fats but do not go to the extremes here either…. TRANS fats are being removed from the market and stay away from them….

Raul Magana says:

Great video

hombre1968 says:

Too much talking and too little demos.

buickmonte says:

I am 50 years of age and it makes me feel good to be in better shape than some dudes i see much younger than i,not to be hating on guys ,but it motivates me and at my age i use whatever motivation i can get!!!

Rydin Hi says:

Like john cougar said.. forget all bout that macho shit an learn how to play a giutire,,,

raju shukla says:

It would be better if there are some demos therein instead of lecture

Håkan Fröjd says:

Some good adwise but bad adwise on carbs Check out Shawn Baker

Ehtesham Raja says:

Tks for the encouragement.

ZeroCool says:

I'm bored time to move on.

Naseem Muhummed says:

U talk to much get to the point

Charles Nemec says:

No carb diets are a more natural way to eat. I agree and appreciate most of what is in this video. The comments on consuming carbs is ridiculous. You don't need cabs you just need to lower weight and increase reps. In ketosis recovery is much faster and you have less injuries that are connective tissue related. In ketosis there is much less inflation and less insulin responses.
Great video but you don't need and should not consume carbs over 30 grams per day when over 50.

Dhairyasheel Patil says:

you look in great shape..✌

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