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Men Abs Workout Plan|Six Pack Routine Burn| Intense Fullbody Abs Workout

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Eight abs workout routines to build those abs that the ladies like….

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MyDiaryvlogg says:

I didnt find it intense,maybe cause am use to workout everyday

Gen Kyo says:

Been doing this for 5 months, six times a week.

I don't plan on stopping this so soon.

Benooi Huls says:

Is this fot only your belly abs, or your chest to?

christopher reyes says:

Only kind of vids I would actually wouldn't mind if there were ads.

Fishplants says:

00:19 is my best

Alberto Huerta says:

I'm 12 yrs old and kids at school and my brother always call me obese and im doing this during the summer hoping to loose weight soon #NOMOREOBESITY

Running Thacker says:

This was great. Thank you!!

Kennardi Sebastian says:

Can we do this everyday?

fatima hernandez says:

This one's great

PsychicWarfare says:

Should i be doing this everyday or every other day?

Cleveland Brown says:

I would like to know which exercise works out which set of abs. I'm not a big exercise buff so correct me if I'm wrong but just normal crutches only do the top two right?

Robin Andres Martinez Belteton says:

I don't have a happy place

Noora M says:

I hate working out abs. I really do. Feels like no matter how much I keep torturing them, I'm not getting any better 😂 However this is my favorite one to do in hopes of someday feeling like working out my abs isn't the most awful thing in the world. No such luck yet, maybe 100th time's the charm? (Daniel makes it look so easy, what?? I look like a beached whale flopping on the floor)

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