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5 Build Muscle Exercise Routines for Men – Men Full Body Workout [35-Min]

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Use these 5 Muscle Building Workout Routines (Interval Exercises) for a quick efficient full body workout circuit.  Using these full-body exercises will work all your muscles and provide you the right amount of stress to produce the best muscle gain, especially your chest.

This Men fitness video utilizing barbells and a weight bench is simple and easy to follow.

Especially useful for those guys over 40.  Just adjust the weights and the reach your repetition, then use heavier weights as you progress. Go ahead and get started building the body you want

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gurdeep singh says:

Thanks for a very good routine ,I was searching for last 3 years ,all shit stuff by people on roid but it's great stuff ,feeling pump from the very first day PL tell me for how many days in week should I workout ,doing weight training for the last 3 years age 50 yrs

Alcy Filho says:

This is a great workout Dr. Balduzzi. Thanks a lot.

Abderrahmane Hajja says:

great … peace

Jonah Meehan says:

Videos are great thanks man

prashant pk says:

HI i like this program but what about full weak

elijah27b says:

Great tips! And so sexy!

Anthony Lomangino says:

Do you have a doc/pdf of this workout?

Jeffrey Bertrand says:

You hear a lot about “muscle confusion” to prevent plateaus in progress… which leaves me a bit confused, honestly, so should I be wary of that, or not, and is this 35 minute full body workout something I can do every time, or is this something I should only do a few times a week and mix with an alternative workout? Thank you very much, in advance, and have a wonderful day.

Rahul Adhikari says:

Nice workout routine…but ignored legs mate..

gurdeep singh says:

All your videos have very less views or likes ,PL answer queries so that people take interest in watching ur ideas

Patrick Blackwell says:

Great workout! I do a similar program, exercise wise. Similarly, I usually do 2/3 lower body exercises and 8-10 upper body. I'm wondering if you have any recommendations about trimming down the amount of upper body exercises. Rather than supersetting, are there any exercises that give more bang for the buck that can hit multiple muscle groups? I get great results from my leg work, and I hypothesize it's because of the volume of 2-3 exercises being optimal for my body. Are there 3 exercises that could hammer the upper body as efficiently?

jsalcie says:

Keep it Up … guy over 40 here … 😀

Dan Hendrix says:

Perfect for those times when you have a busy day and can’t spend much time at the gym.

M Akhtar says:

Dr, for a soft chest area what workouts should be done and which should be avoided.

RhinoFishing TV says:

Good video, Doc. Looks like a workout I'd like to try. Question…I'm 53 and in decent shape. I lift and do cardio 4-5 times a week, and kayak on weekends. Still, I have about an inch and a half of stubborn fat around my gut that I can't seem to get rid of. I'm 5'10 and 172 lbs. Wouldn't mind losing 10 or so. Any recommendations on how to burn that strip off?

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