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Men Fitness Video – Only 5 Minute Fat Burning Workout (HIIT)

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In Only 5 Minutes you can have a great Cardio Workout using this HIIT exercise routine.  Great for fat burning in the gym or at home.  Make this routine part of your weekly plans and you will see the difference.  Perform this 3 times a week.

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Void says:

Awesome workout! Its a shame you guys dont upload anymore 🙁

Hicham Essouihli says:

You work more lower body than upper body I think you should add more exercises for the totality of your body but you doing great thanks

Anton Shkabara says:

Go to Unflexal webpage if you'd like to learn about workouts.

Xxxtentacionee Tentacion says:

That shit hurted

KY59 D says:

1:43 that is not burpee

Romana Angersbach says:

This time I'll use Unflexal instructions to learn about workouts more 🙂

Cravens Boughner says:

Just look and learn much more about it from Unflexal workouts.

Tracy C says:

wow !!! my workout buddy- u sure remind me of my son. hes in his mid 20's n is slim like u and joined the army a yr. ago. I love your workout. although i have arthritis i may have to try this. i doubt i can do it but will try. i need to try this other workout from FitnessType w/ Marischa too. Yall motivate me. thx. ( my first time seeing yer video too)

Y#SHOW#T YAZOON-07 says:

how many kilo does it burn

Samuel Guardado says:

I will be doing this workout with another workout. I weigh 120 pounds , I will update every Sunday!

Andzej Kos says:

Great vid !

Ironic268 says:

just a thought shouldn't there be a 'cool down' at the end??

João Costa says:

Nice video.

tiby70 says:

great video!!!

My Workout Buddy says:

Let us know what you think 🙂

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