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Men Leg Workout Routine – “The Big Tree Trunk Leg Workout

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A lot of skinny men want to utilize effective muscle building leg exercises. Leg workout routines for guys need to focus and emphasis on your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors. These are 3 of your body’s premier muscle groups, and this will create a major anabolic effect on your entire human body.

The best men’s leg workouts  should consist of more than just a few sets of leg presses and leg extensions. Just like your upper body, you need to work your lower body with advanced lifting strategies that challenge and sculpt your body’s most important lower body muscle groups.

The most effective leg workouts for men will generate a significant amount of overload, which will set the stage for an effective anabolic response.

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Best Men’s Leg Workout Routine : The Big Tree Trunk Leg Workout

0:52 – Leg Extension (Rest Pause)

The leg extension is one of the best quad workouts for men, and making yourself do a rest:pause set will be a killer leg workout that will get you jacked.

2:29 – Single-Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift

This leg workout for men will challenge your balance and hamstrings. If you aren’t strong enough to do a really heavy deadlift, you should make sure to do this exercise to build up the base strength.

4:22 – Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat

This is one of the most effective leg workouts for men and will put a major emphasis on your hip flexors, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Good leg workouts for men should build foundational strength, and this is a very advanced lower body movement that will improve your lower body strength.

5:19 – Weighted Dumbbell Step-Ups Superset with Weighted Dumbbell Lunges

This is a killer superset that is the best leg workout for men who want to also burn fat. This is a high reps superset that will work your lower body from a multitude of angles and involve some muscle-building cardio. A good men’s leg workout should include challenging supersets and not just static exercises.

6:41 – Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl

This is one of the best hamstring workouts for men and will build you foundational strength for those heavy deadlifts. The best leg workouts for men should put equal emphasis on the quadriceps and hamstrings.


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Eric Sean says:

Very nice workout video. i am also a gym trainer. i describe some tips please visit..
Calves are usually done last on leg day, and most lifters throw on an exercise or two before calling it a day. But it would be a mistake to assume that all calf exercises are alike. While most calf movements are done with straight (but not locked-out) legs, bent-knee calf exercises are different in one important way: the soleus takes on the brunt of the workload.

This is because the gastrocnemius (one of two major lower-leg muscles) attaches above the knee joint, making it unable to contract very strongly when the knee is bent. With straight-legged movements, both muscles are called into play. Hence, doing a straight-legged calf exercise (such as standing or donkey calf raises), in addition to seated calf raises (done last), most effectively targets these lower-leg muscles.

StingFan Blake says:

I'm already having problems putting my legs in jeans I was always gifted when it came to having good-sized legs with the upper body I think the last time I measured my legs they were about 30 inches maybe more not too bad 4 hours of leg day pain at the gym

Austin Nozium says:

Any chance you guys could redo this video but with free weights?

George Gilles says:

Dynamic workout.

kayla Roux says:

theres hip flexion ab and ad duction machines you want the pads by your groin so move in i see people always bringing the pad together with knees you should be using your inner legs with the pads deep in between i cant say it enough

Mimic Octopus says:

Thanks a lot!

ItsMikeyyyg says:

What about Squat, leg press, and deadlift?

lil fanta says:

this puts too much stress on your acl if you're an actual athlete but I guess it's okay for this guy to do it

steven McDonagh says:

lol nice rdl's :')

T'Challa says:

I work legs hard! As hard as anybody yet my legs have grown minimally. I squat heavy and deep, leg press heavy, deadlift, lunge…the whole nine and I only see minimal growth…what gives?

Matthew M says:

how many sets do I do of each?

PsychGaming says:

nice song in the back

ZombieSlayerUnknown says:

what nike's are those??

Ruben Mezrahi says:

Nice vid 🙂

j w says:

Bigger legs=squats. Bigger legs=pauses at parallel. Forget the weight and reps. Spend zero time standing straight up and spend more time at parallel (lighter to medium weight).

DigitsGod says:

never skip leg day

Nathan Thompson says:

Conjoined twins @ 3:00

JaguaR Prince says:

This is great Thank you!

Walesca Moreno says:

are these exercises good for women too?

TheEren2001 says:

I wanna get dem roberto carlos thighs!!

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