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Men’s Full Leg Workout Video and Cardio Too

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Okay, here you can learn a Full Leg Workout and get some Cardio in too.

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K- -G says:

Leg extensions are great until you rip your ACL in 2, terrible exercise for something which a squat/lunge or leg press can do

J.L.S says:

3:14 excuses, excuses, excuses…

Ian Hom says:

Walking lunges is even better , deff would recommend if you find the space

a says:

if u wanna build ur legs train like a powerlifter. it works i swear

Leon Teng says:

this guy needs to gain more weight and bad form for squatting.

Mohamed Soliman says:

Do you have motivation song play when you in the gym Or motivstion talk i hear you before talk about it

Eduardo C says:

Look up at the ceiling when squating.

ally says:

What are the sneakers your are wearing dude?

Lucie Vec says:

Don't worry you won't get HUUGE calves. It's genetics. And proper form. Great wo. Thanks

Spartan says:

calve is small cuz u doing calve raises wrong and leg curls and leg extension is wrong too ..

Johnny says:

How do you get smaller calves. for the big bulky dudes that want a slim, lean body like yours.

Aria Eagleheart HOC Heroes of Order and Chaos says:

its funny when he prioritizes his fashion and fitting over building calve size.

squach says:

What if you have massive muscular calves when you were little till now? How do you make it smaller?

Pnoysneakerhead24 says:

damm your gym so empty, wish mine was like that haah

Hadi Abou Daya says:

more of these videos plzzz

F A says:

From 30 sec to 1 min I feel like he's on top of me. Doing stuff. Change the camera angle man!

Jabari Mc Knight says:

Could you do a video about your workout diet because we have similar gym goals

Alex Marine says:

unfortunately, calves are mostly genetics based, you can't change the shap3 or size like other body parts very well, my calves are screwed just from genetics, they're strong as heck, but size wise they're just tiny. good luck on growing them! yours are pretty solid.

Levi Trentham says:

Good content man, the quality of the video is awesome too. Keep up with all the information, we lift about the same weight. Check out my leg workout on my channel, it has really helped me get bigger defined legs within the last couple months.

Panda Bros says:

Can you do a workout that we don't need to go to the gym ?

Kęstutis Šerpetauskis says:

One advice I can give you, if you want big calf, do them separate from legs, f.e. at one day do only shoulders workout and calf workout

Fabian Pacheco says:

Mon is Leg day 😖

Eddie Jump says:

Where'd you get your hat?

Fernando Matias says:

Are stairmasters cardio or does it workout legs too?

Nicolai Kjaerside says:

If u want bigger calves man, then you gotta get that full range of motion, and a lot of reps. 16-20 to really get that blood infused into the muscle 🙂

Ixayan Rios says:

Whats the intro song that he uses?

G YamBal says:


KEKistani says:

what's the point of doing cardio? you need to get bigger obviously lol

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