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Men’s Leg Workout Circuit | Men Fitness for Bigger Stronger Legs

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A men leg workout routine that will build stronger and bigger legs.  Use this fitness video to work all the leg muscles, calves, hams, quads, and even tighten up your butt.  Just follow along, get started and give your legs the attention they deserve.

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1. Dumbbell split squats

2. Goblet squat

3. Dumbbell stiff leg deadlift

4. Leg extensions

5. Dumbbell lateral lunges

6. Barefoot standing calf raise

7. Barefoot seated calf raise

8. Dumbbell walking lunges

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Mike Miller says:

But won't this workout take well over an hour with that amount of sets and all the rest in between? There is a saying, you can train hard or you can train long, but you can't do both. I rather train legs twice a week with less volume than this. This would kill your legs alright, but it seems like an old-school bodybuilder approach, just piling on too much for a good recovery (if you're natural).

Mohit Kumar says:

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Anshuman Singh says:

Any Shoulder and Abs workout in this series?

Orl Pm says:

q chigones exercises!!

Irina Neyfeld says:

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Mahendra Singh says:

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Cloudy says:

whats that music??

Ragde Zaid says:

straw legs XD

Mohamed Hassan says:

Iplaied it yesterday and icant stand on my leg from this moment beautiful exercise thank you

Liz Gil says:

Great workout…great shape!!!

Mr BrightSide says:

More of these videos please

Lystra James says:

Did he say just farted again !!!

thelonelyviking says:

This is awesome! Very informational…Definitely given me some extra knowledge on how to change up my leg workouts! What's the background music? Would be awesome to workout to this beat.

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