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12 Build Bigger Chest Exercise Routines| Chest Workout Circuit

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Here’s 12 Chest Exercises that will help you build a bigger chest.  When preparing your Chest Workout Routine vary the exercises up. Pick 4-5 exercises and do 3-4 sets each.  Then change them up in a month or so.

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Chest Workout Routine:

Rep Range:
Strength = Low Reps
Hypertrophy = High Reps

– Bench Press
– Cable Crossover
– Chest Dips
– Dumbbell Chest Press
– Hammer Strength Chest Press
– Cable Fly Low to High
– Cable Fly High to Low
– Landmine Press
– Plate Press
– Chest Pullovers
– Hammer Strength Side Press
– Pec Deck Fly


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Darko Antic says:

Dude seriously u r the best. After going to gym for few years now I just recently learned the proper way of doing exercises trough your channel. Big thumbs up 👍🏻

Medo says:

Bro,, honestly I got so important info. About bodybuilding from you so, just ignore these nasty voices and keep going just move your ass and show me your next video coz I got big and masscular from your channel keep going and never stop 🙏💪 peace✌️

Aman sharma says:

1:33 1:54 3:55 4:18

Michelle Piana says:

I love the examples using different machines, etc. to do workouts. Awesome job!

Moncef el mansouri says:

Thank you ⚘🌷⚘🌷
Big love from morrocco

Dj RubaH says:

Bro how long have you play gym?

Samuel Joseph says:

Subscribed. Ur great man keep this up.

Talwinder Singh says:

Love from #India

Nerdy S. says:

You should tell which muscle is exercised by which position by using the captions. For instance, chest dips exercises lower chest, bench press exercises middle chest, hammer strength press exercises……? and so on.

george rey says:

how many reps per set?

Jeff the killer says:

Came for that thumbnail workout

Raphael Wong says:

can take all the exeicise if have steroid

Brandan Chisholm says:

Watching these vids make me want to train even harder

ohko says:

nice video!!!!

Nitin Sisodiya says:

Just work, nothing else…you are awesome, brother. Love from me.😇

shawn bray says:

This is a great vid for tips to build my pecs. Thanks man

Massimiliano Molinari says:

Wonderful tips. Great!!! Thanks

You Tube says:

I learnt a couple of new exercises.

alexander pierce says:

Hey can you create a video on the best exercises you would recommend for a full body workout day?

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