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5 Men Shoulder Workout Routines Video [Building MASS ]

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Another Men Fitness Video for that perfect bodybuilding look. Use these five Shoulder Workouts to build those broad shoulders.  Get in the gym and give these routines a try…

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Erik Gausen says:

How does this channal only have 70k subs..This gotta be my fav yt channal ever! The content is awe and you’re just an awe person in general!
Thank you❤️

DUAL 777 says:

Last time I watched this dude, he looked shredded as fuck. Can't believe how body changes between seasons.

Wayne Fli Summerlin says:

Well done, I will be watching more of your videos.

Евгений Мамонтов says:

RyanJTerry Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Ting says:

it is way harder than it looks

Amox says:

Tomorrow is shoulder busting day. Can't wait.

Просто, Нурдик says:

Hello, can I use Swend press in place of cable crossover?

lifestyle salah says:

he i'm from morocco
pleiz programme abdo and programme repas

Hansali Hani says:

when i see u drop a like for all of ur comment man! u have my ❤ m8 hope u the best in evry thing 💕💕

Christian says:

Ryan you got to up the dose. Smoke those motherfuckers

Morrocan Genetics says:

Saluted bro 🙏

zosmo says:

Ryan gotta put on a little bit more size to get that first place

Aaron Sanchez says:

excelent champ, Go for that Title

Frank Szabo says:

2018 is going to be Ryan's best physique and first Olympia win!

The Real Big Lenny Official YouTube says:

always learning from the white man, just as it should be. very refreshing.

Little Legs says:

Like this style vlog Ryan gives us guys a good insight into your training,can you produce more of this style vlog covering the rest of your split ie chest/back/arms/legs and a little bit explanation around why you use a particular sort of split…keep em coming as the vlog edits are really coming on….all the best

Josh DLuna says:

do a back mass building videooo pls Ryan!

Lerin 92 says:

Song??? Pleaseeeeeee

CharlyKnowsBetterTV says:

Baaaam wieder mal ON POINT

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