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A Quick Fat Burning HIIT Workout [15 Minute] | Full-body Workout No Equipment

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Here’s a quick (15 min) HIIT Workout Routine that will burn fat quickly. Men can use these full body exercises at home with no equipment.  Get Workout Circuit to get you started toward having the body you desire.

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Workout Routine:

3 rounds | 5 exercises | Working for 35 seconds | Rest for 25 seconds

6 High Knees then 4 Lunge Jumps
5 Narrow Press-Ups into 5 wide Press-Ups
5 Toe Touches then 5 Full Body Crunches
6 Mountain Climbers with lateral move
4 Crab Toe Touches then 4 Kick Throughs

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Kim Jackson says:

Not for beginners!

Alejandro Rossi says:

How many calories does this 15 min exercise burn?

Cassie Gilbert says:

this is awesome.

Lonnie Hill's Flatline fitness says:

Nice workout

monty1300 says:

This workout kicks ass! I’m using a shoe as a pillow right now 🤤

Hasan Dinç says:

[4 excercises 3 rounds] x7 times in 1 hour 20 minutes and additional some abdominal excercises and additional 1 hour 10 minutes weight training combination of 10 moves .i lost 3.3 kg's of fat in 8 days.Get 1.6kg's of muscles and 1.0kg's water. Totally i lost 0.8kg's in 8 days.i did 4 excercises except the first one because of my heavy weight made problem on my knee's and leg's bone. Thanks to you Body Coach !!

FitFunda Shweta Singh says:

nice video will surely try it. I too have made a similar video . do check it guys

Nathan Barclay says:

He is not shaun T but deff can still get the body moving.

Manor Boy says:

Russel brand has a motivated twin that does 5 of the "stretchy ones" 😂😂😂😂 pure professional here hahaha

Green T says:


Watermelon Man says:

is this real grass ? looks too perfect lol

Yolany Baquedano says:

I thought I was gonna die, great 15 min workout

Derek Fite says:

What app do you use for timing the intervals? Thx!

Fahnz Lol says:

Thought this would be a breeze, barely made it past the first set.

Will definitely try again soon and incorporate it into my normal workout schedule. Thank you!

Moist Cornbread says:

How am I supposed to do this if this guy looks dead doing it😂

Delberta Watson says:

Great job and thank you! Been reading how 15 min HIIT is best to accompany a Keto way of eating. Used to do these HIIT exercises in my Boot Camp class. Thanks again!! (and forgot all these other haters and negative comments, you're awesome)

Alan Carroll says:

He said 50 min

Silver Kings says:

Mannnnnn that took the air outta me lol thanks for that awesome work out 👌

duderdudeedoo1984 says:

This duder is in great shape and he is gassed…..what's this here duder supposed to do then?

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