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Awesome 5 Minute ABS Workout Routine at Home | Strengthen Core Muscles

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Here’s a simple yet awesome 5 minute abs workout routine that you can do at home.  These ab exercises will strengthen your core muscles without any equipment.  If you use this workout routine circuit on a regular basis along with a sensible diet, you will start to see results quickly. Thanks to Austin Dunham for this video.

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Austin Dunham says:

Ab Workout #2 is NOW OUT:

Benjamin Abdou says:

I dont wanna push but thats pretty Easy for me and im doesnt goes to Gym bevor habe anybody come advices?

Child Violater says:

Who else got a cramp when doin' max toe touches?

caleb belac says:

still my favorite workout

Gavin Kirwan says:

How do you stop the back pain while doing v ups

Demetrius Howard says:

Good shit bro 👊🏾 always a fan of follow along. Hit it twice for burn out. Looking forward to see what you got coming. 🔥💪🏾

Mena Amer says:

My back hurts me when i do it what should i do NO TROLL

Madd Maxx says:

Oh the burning in my abs…..🤪

Fierce vfx says:

hey just started 3 days ago, gonna update how the abs are going. I have a 2pack before I started, but nothing yet. the first week im gonna try and do this set once a day, then second week twice a day, and maybe even the third week 3 times a day to get the results in.

Creeper9013 Good says:

Yes the best YouTuber

lilylowsky says:

I love this workout! It’s gotten these old abs back into shape. But I crack up every time you say “Follow my league” 😂😂

Carlos Ezra Trujillo says:

I hate and love this exercise

Alex Thao says:

I was only able to do 24 toe touches 😂😂😂 It burns real bad

Jack E. says:

How much to buy you little girl

Rohit Kumar says:


Chris Britner says:

Hey Austin , I'm a pretty fit guy , but when I do some of the ab exercises , my low back ( right over my tail bone ) hurts . It feels like I'm almost straining it. Is that normal?

Jerome Antivola says:

Man! Your body is so cooool, I subscibed! 💪💪💪

Deon Sylvester says:

Thanks Austin

Bella Steel says:

Am I the only girl watching this ? I love this workout !

Fork Draws says:

Austin the kind of the guy to eat with two spoons to avoid muscle imbalances.

YipTic says:

I didn't know I could sweat that much in 5 minutes lol

David Dacus says:

so no one is going to comment about him working out on brick

YipTic says:

My legs cramp at the top when doing bicycle crunches any tips?

Dan Belshaw says:

20 likes ill do it

Anakin says:

i fucking like u

Adzono says:

Jesus fuck I couldn't even complete this and I've been training my abs for years

n0odles86 says:

Thank you bro you help me so much i am a kid I have been watching your vids carry on

Cody K says:

after a year of following his routine with other workouts including lower body, my abs got hella shredded

Cristian Hernandez says:

What hair cut you have

unopened cans says:

If you can't see them right now doing this workout won't help them appear

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