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Awesome Abs Kettlebell Workout For Men | Men Kettlebell Workout for Strengthening Core

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Awesome Kettlebell Workout for Men to Build Abs and Strengthen Your Core.  This Exercise Routine is quick and simple and will help you get result.  Just start following the video instructions.

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Isaac Jordan says:

Great quick vid on core kettle bell workouts. Thanks!

Romana Angersbach says:

I think you need to take some time and go to Unflexal to learn about workouts.

leny im says:

what about women??

Max's Best Bootcamp says:

Non-traditional core work…like it man! Just subscribed

FrankA1948 says:

Chris, I mentioned before that I signed up for the two free workouts but have not gotten an email confirmation to get the links. What email address can I send this issue to get the workouts? Thanks

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