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Awesome Shoulder Workout Video to Gain MASS and Size

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James Ohanlon shares his  best shoulder workout exercises for mass, size, shape, and strength!

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James O'Hanlon says:

Hope you enjoy! In honor of my next delt vid, I've decided to do my first ever sale…
$19 for the FULL 8 Week Training Plan (all muscle groups included)
Click "read more" for more details…

I originally created my current training plan purely for myself. I was genuinely struggling to find a balance between hitting strength PB’s and still shredding fat AND chasing those beloved pumps in the gym.

That’s when I discovered Vagisil…. jokes!… I just thought this was starting to sound like a corny ad😂

But anyway, I love both strength training and hypertrophy failure work. But I kept exhausting myself too much trying to do both. It really taxes the CNS. But after a lot of trial and error I final found the balance.

So I've decided to do a summer sale… because I feel it’s really a plan worth sharing. Email me at or DM me on Instagram (@james_ _ohanlon or if you’re interested. It’s currently being rolled out to all my current online clients too.

This shoulder workout is directly from that plan, so you can get an idea of what to expect from it.

Would love to hear what you guys think of it! Drop a comment below, and maybe a cheeky thumbs up while you’re here too✌️

strups says:

nice view from the gym

ken 31246 says:

Long time never u channel bro

benji louis says:

Fuck me on a swing 😐😐🐸

Limasol Gaming Channel says:

You Welsh, mate?

Kyle Russell says:

You should really get back into the workout vids. I find myself constantly going back to your old videos to get pointers on lifts. Thanks for good content bro!

Ivan Adrian says:

is this workout advisable for skinny guys?

Kent Javier says:

Mr Stark I don't feel good

Laverne Harrell says:

i did 200 hundered pushups

Kyále says:

Where are you from??

Kyále says:

Great shape dude 💪

Carl Jezreel Orbe says:

How can I make my delts big and fully round?
How long should I work?
How many sets and reps for the compounds and isolations to grow my delts? How to avoid over activation of triceps when pressing and over activation of traps?
How to get a wide shoulder?
Thanks for helping us. Hope you make read this and help me.

PROMiXX says:

Nice steady pace during that shoulder work out! Killing it there bro 🙂 Check out our big shoulder work out featuring Daniel Ventura –


Filipe Brandão says:

Nice video man. God job

JosephMckayfitness _ says:

Awesome video bro👍🏻💪🏻

Kayze _ says:

Good video, you're really good at explaining everything, love your vids 🙂

Cooper Evans says:

dream shoulders

Cooper Evans says:

wow look at that gym!

Super Musculos says:

muito bom seu video gostei muito sempre que der vou visitar seu canal.

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