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Best Ab Exercise Routines | My Favorite Ab Workout Routine

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In this video Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM demonstrates his favorite four abdominal (abs) exercises to get your abs to stick out.  Get with it…..

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Here’s Alpha’s  Best Ab Routine

****String of two of these together for a superset. Alternate back and forth for 3 sets. Perform twice a week with a few days in between. If you squeeze, go slow, and contract, you’ll feel it for days.

  1. Basic bench crunch – after getting into position, keep legs slightly bent, come up and pause. Alpha gives alternates for less and more intense options. 15 reps with dumbbell then 15 reps without the weight. Do three (3) sets of 30 reps.
  2. Hanging Leg Raises – Alpha gives options to perform this exercise with pros and cons. It’s about control, that little squeeze, and that little pause. He gives options to make the exercises less and more challenging. He also gives an option to hit the obliques. Go for three (3) sets.
  3. Cable Crunch – it’s a personal favorite of Alpha but is more difficult to feel. Your butt doesn’t move. Only the upper body moves with a pause. Go for 15 – 20, three (3) sets.
  4. The Ball Crunch – not the most masculine looking but one of the most effective. Chin to ceiling with the ball in the small of your back, go up, pause, and down. If you quiver, all of your muscles are engaged. You don’t need to go super fast. Go 10 slow with a pause. Then go for 10 pulses. It’s a great way to finish off those abs!


In order to have your abs to show, you need to reduce your body fat (have a decent diet that facilitates your body fat reduction) and perform cardio the 1st thing in the morning. Now that you have the body fat reduced, you need to develop the abs and create separations. Remember, no abs were ever seen without a low body fat percentage!


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Kz3andMore says:

Thanks again man

xLeGeNeDxScOpEx says:

Everyone should incorporate a flexed clock hang into their ab routine. It's like the hanging leg raise, except you move your legs like that of the arms of a clock. Big half circle each side. I started with 5 reps each side alternating sides and went for two sets. There are also primers you can do to help the muscle activation in your abs.

Hobbit Ali says:

I put tiege Hanley on my stomach and got abs right away

kids playing and dad fixing stuff says:

Great video!! But take it easy on the intro, please just get to the point.

Patrick Baue says:

I love my abs so much that I've given them layers and layers of fat for protection


Why my six pack just show 2 and 2 ( half ) and 2 ( invisble ) 🤔😥
Help ….

Hunter Allen says:

With the first one i tried it but I only feel the pain in my legs.

Arnetta Ambriz says:

Go to Unflexal workouts if you want to learn much more about workouts.

Gipz says:

I get cramps when I do straight legs

Manraj Singh says:

how to write way of pushups

Heisen_ Haferduck says:

"Yo, wata you doin to me"😂😂😂

12,234,465 views says:

alpha? ya sound so bitchy

Zoe Pearce says:

Gentlemen? There are woman here too 😉

zeguiviu says:

how much do u squat?

Claus Hougaard says:

This mighr be a very popular video making you seem all knowing, but I recently saw the skinniest dude ever with no abs.

LBenn302 says:

You made the most feminine ab workout look masculine dude lol

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