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Develop “KILLER ABS” with a Stability Medicine Ball |Abs Workout Routine

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Using a stability ball for abs exercises.

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Thanks to Gustavus Wyche, Washington DC, NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

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jason nii aryeetey says:

Damm… your exercise really works

ligamentpull1 says:

How many reps or how long (time under tension) for each movement?
Awesome workouts by the way.

Df Mf says:

loving that one that looks like a window wiper! never thought to do that. great video.

Tye Schwind says:

thankyou this was helpful!! abb workouts are less stressful to do with the stability ball.

Buettner Burritt says:

You can check Unflexal to learn more about training your body.

mangolt23 says:


Dj_ZombeatOfficial says:

how many sets/reps for beginners??

Tiffanyantt says:

Omg! Thank you for this video

Jeffrey Spier says:

Man ty for this. Im 35 coming back from a bad lower back from my ball days. Benching 500 squatting 700, super sets with no core all the way around. Core is literally everything or everything else is a waste of time.

gmcmim1 says:

Thanks for sharing this video. I gotta try this.

Frankie Grier says:

Love this workout

Hami Chahal says:

Hey CJ u still alive come back on GTA

rubber duky says:

Great stuff, my favorite is the ball pass.

prabash kumara says:

interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about easy way to get abs try Ichordo Six Pack Fixer (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my m8 got amazing results with it.

Dipen says:

Does Consuming protein help to build 6 packs?

nick riley says:

Cool routine thanks

syed muhammad abdullah says:

no shit hes a trainer!!

lil_kevin6 says:

You're awesome! Thanks for sharing .. ..

Jessica Liane says:

Hey love your ab workout! I just purchased a stability ball and will be starting my abs. Was wondering if this is the normal workout you do or if you do more reps. Thanks!

Mimi Murdaa says:

Omf. Intense.

Rocio Rebolledo says:

Have to try that 😮

Robert Sena says:

This is great,
starting an all out strengthening and adding this to my work out.
great Video
Pushing 60 yrs. old 

silverkingukable says:

Cool thanks some extra exercises to add to my arsenal for Swissball!

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