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Instense Home 5 min Abs Workout Routine with No Weights No Machine- [Get Six Pack Abs]

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This is a simple 5 minute ab workout that you can do at home.  No Weights No Machine.  This Intense Workout Routine will help you get those Six Pack Abs you want before you know it.

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Thanks to Brendan Meyers

Instagram – @thebmeyers
Snapchat – bmeyerswr

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Andre Valerio says:

The toe touch is hard af!

Dariush fab says:

I watched this video everyday now for the past 7 weeks and still have no abs. This is bullshit

Francesco Castellitto says:

Thanks for the video! Congratulation: you're so cool man!!


Haven’t working out in days- how often should I do this ? Like every time I work out ?

ashish bana says:


Bronz Support says:

nıce ıdeo bro

vijay murthy says:

how many months it took you to get abs from fat ?

Niels Berg Soerensen says:

What's the music?

Sushrut Deshmukh says:

Brendan you're impressive and I'm gonna start this routine from today. I have never worked on my abs and I'm 25 so I'm gonna report back every few days starting now lol.

Deluxe Alejandro says:



What's the music

David Ainscough says:

Want to know how to melt away fat FAST click here

Nathan Drake says:

Guys do this for about 7-11 weeks and you should see some great results! but dont stop there 🙂

Fat Noob says:

What is abs

Akash Thakur says:

How many time for visually Abs

sarang sharma says:

thanks a lot brother!! its affacting

Bipin Singh says:

thank you so much

Mukund Prabhu says:

Does this work

Sobstveno ime says:

I'm Bruno Mars, that's what i heard

Sarthak Saswat Das says:

I am 14 I started working out at home with no equipments before 2 months and now I m having 4 packs and even before working out I had 2 packs.. I didnt have a strict diet too. I was eating a lot of oily foods. I didnt even focus on abs work out much I did more of an chest and leg work out
Isnt it a bit weird. And I am not lying seriously!!!

Dewa Moyo says:

Ok I am having pizza today, will try the abs workout tomorrow 😊

GUnot33333 says:

Very good workout

overlordgrimm says:

I'm getting some nice abs thanks to the vid!!

Jaspreet Bhatia says:

This video made me sure that I can't have abs

Farabi Ahmeb Shakib Shakib says:

nice 😍😍

Ivan A says:

Good video lot of good ab workouts to use

Erny Delgado Chef says:

your body is beautiful

Sebastian lopez says:

50 leg raises
50 bicycle crunches
50 cross crunches (each side)
50 flutter kicks
1:30 of planking (weighted 20 pounds)
30 seconds of L sit

I do this is that good?

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