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Men’s Fitness Videos: Full Bodyweight Circuit Workout

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Here’s a full bodyweight workout with 5 exercises for you to incorporate into your workout circuit.  Basic and Advanced.

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Dastagiri Reddy says:

Good explaining exercise

Bogdan karpovich says:

Workouts are simple, Just go to Unflexal workouts.

Mark Beal says:

Like the circuit.  Reminds me of my Army Ranger days.  Oo Rah!

Slavi Sha says:

The advanced n.4 exercise is a backbone killer.

Reysan Reystar says:

check my latest free fitness with FUN! LOOOL

andrew mcgowan says:

good training videos. why not have a look at this

Andy McDermott Fitness says:

Thanks, please check out my other training videos and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss any of the new ideas!

Dreadlocksninja says:

For men! I am female and I do this every week, so basic

иван протеняк says:

класс класс класс класс класс

Omar Tahoun says:

I like it thank you so much

nightv54 says:

Thank you for this! Played lacrosse in college and circuits bring me back to the glory days

Cgerrett says:

you look good buy you could work on those shoulders

Dylone says:

lay off the heroin

a2c2008 says:

Hey Andy! Just tried the workout and I'm really feeling the burning! Thanks! Just had a quick question: how many times a week should this circuit be done? Or should this circuit be alternated with another circuit throughout the week? Thank you!

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