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Men’s Quick Full Body Workout Routine (No Gym) |Build Muscle and Burn Fat

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A quick 4 minutes of progressive full body weight training that can be done anywhere anytime. Build muscle, burn fat with this great cardio exercise routine.

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Arun Yadav says:

When we do this exercise

Dilshad King says:

very bad random

Alexander Roache says:

Had to sub it's dope that you're doing the workout so people can easily follow along.

jameel ahmed says:

I like ur tips thanks

Suresh Raina says:

There are videos about the grow up in online .

Thaj Valiaveedu says:

does this help In getting tall

Yuanchen Xu says:

He looks like jay Zhou

Zakaria Guitouni says:

lol i tried doing 100 squats and i'd rest in between sometimes depending on how i felt , my legs kept hurting for 3 days straight and i lost my ability to walk in a straight line but it was a good experience i'd advise anyone to try it out it felt challenging going beyond my limit

Annur Boom says:

Where can i download this song its useful for doing this workout at home as i am very bad with keeping up with the timing myself

Daniyal zafar Manal zafar says:

Yaar Yeh kitny din krna hai.

Suresh Raina says:

My hight is 5.5 , how to increase hight 5.6 please reply fast my age is 22 years

rana hamid says:

I subscribe u
You make one video of exercise from beginner to last and for running

Dhruv Agarwal says:

What's the name of timer application

buddies jjang says:

plorotin dikit kek celananya wkwkwk

rovandict abella says:

how many times do we need to make that for 1 day pls reply

red dragon says:

Can i build some muscles with this exercises like u Jordan?

Justin says:

Nice video. I've been using an awesome program and I got incredilbe results. You can see the video about my body transformation on my channel

Pediredla Veerabhadrarao says:

how many days we must do beginner workouts

Sotothegamer says:

One simple question did anyone get results?

Prince Mahajan mani mahajan says:

is it muscle building or fat loss
please reply

WinMay TV says:


WinMay TV says:


Ni Thar says:

Ohhh my god all at a one go???! i cnt evn imagine myself duin it. bt i wna try cn v girls too try it?? ds it also help to reduce weight ?

Shridhar Hodlur says:

very nice. very useful for those dont have time, but want to have fit body. thank u.
But Surya namaskar yoga for all with work out for Body, mind and soul. 🙂

EmberGaming LTD says:

Whats that song at 1:32

Abdullah BMW says:

But it's difficult then gym hahaha

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